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Restoration and Conservation Scaffolding

in Oxfordshire

At LC Scaffolding we care for our rich architectural heritage.  We approach each existing situation with sensitivity and consideration, whether external or internal.
We have completed projects for many of Oxfordshire's Churches and University Colleges, as trusted and reliable scaffolding contractors. You can trust LC Scaffolding to design scaffolds that respect and protect the fabric and integrity of your building.

Scaffold Design

The design and erecting of scaffolding and temporary works to an old or historic building requires special forethought, care and attention to detail.
We know that Conservation projects on historical, often fragile sites require a proper understanding of the covenants, structual integrity and fabric of a building.
LC Scaffolding will work closely with you on the scaffold design. As well as conducting our own stability checks and risk assessments, advice from your relevant conservation staff will be routinely sought.

Access Scaffolding

We will use Independent Tied Scaffold Towers, which derive no vertical support from the building for horizontal stability.  Our Ties will never involve major intervention into the historic masonry.

Temporary Roofs and Protective Sheeting

LC Scaffolding can provide quality Temporary Roofing and Weather-proofing, an essential element on large Renovation projects.
We always give special consideration to wind loading issues when planning and installing the protective Sheeting on very high buildings.
Temporary Roofs are, by their nature, light structures. As a consequence their need for stability and resistance to Wind Uplift requires expert attention. LC Scaffolding have the specialist knowledge to provide safe, sturdy and secure protection for your Old, Listed or Historic Building.

Shoring or Support Scaffolding

The loads carried by Shoring Scaffolding can be very great and the risk posed to the building structure can never be underestimated.  LC Scaffolding know how Important it is that careful planning and forethought be given to the location of Scaffold Foundations to ensure that the supporting scaffold structure can safely bear the weight.

LC Scaffolding have a proven track record in delivering innovative scaffolding solutions in a creative, cost effective manner whilst remaining ever-focused on Health and Safety.
LC Scaffolding comply fully with British Standards and Health and Safety and will welcome regular inspection by your qualified H&S Officer.

Please feel free to Contact Us for quotes and advice

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